GREECE NEEDS LOVE

 ‘’Greece puts a smile on my face a warmth in my heart!’’


Luca Leonvago -doctor in Economics and currently professor of Fashion Marketing and Design management - discusses with Ioanna Sapfo Pepelasis about Greece, catharsis, about Ithaca and finally he told us GREECE NEEDS LOVE





In what way was Luca a different person when he arrived in Athens compared to what he was when he left London? What was the most important lesson he learned from this journey?

The journey has had a cathartic effect on me. Being alone and with limited resources, it has been quiet a challenge and I have learned a lot about myself in the process. By the time I arrived in Athens not only was I extremely happy for completing my goal, but also for the affection I received when I arrived and for making peace with my past. I learnt through this journey, that not only is it possible to find an inner strength but the hope inside our selves in order to move on and make our lives better – balanced, a more serene out look and to bury the traumas of unfortunate past events. Above all it gave me a profound sense of hope, a message that is important to communicate. So I decided to give away everything, giving all my love to Greece and this cause, and as a result I received much more love in return. It reminds me a great deal of the poem by C P Cavafy. Translated in English it reads ‘Ithaka gave you a marvelous journey./Without her you would not have set out./ She has nothing left to give you now./ … Wise as you will have become, so full of experience,/ you will have understood by what these Ithakas mean.’ I think in this sense, Athens became my Ithaca.


Where do you find the inner strength and inspiration for following your passion for giving love?

In today's world, there are fewer examples of generosity, altruism, and passion and I wanted to start something that would matter. Something younger generations may decide to look at and follow. I refuse to let the corruption of cynicism win! We all need love and especially the younger generation, who may feel nobody cares. I lost three years ago my youngest brother, he was only 30 years old, and he killed himself. Still today I cannot stop thinking what I could have done to give him more love, to show love, to not be afraid to love! I found the strength in the message and I wanted to communicate it: never give up, someone loves you and will hug you, someone cares about you! Specifically for the reunification of the Parthenon Marbles, it must be an act of love! From European brothers to Greece! The legal or other arguments are irrelevant in this sense as ultimately they represent only a selfish orientation and cynicism. The Parthenon marbles must be returned as a simple act of love. It is a basic humanitarian value that I believe Europe should be articulating.


How do you envision in ten years time the ΄needs love' movement that you have created?

Our organization called Greece Needs Love has a short, medium and long term goals in its timeline. One of our main medium/long term goals are to establish the Greek Art Biennale to be held initially in London. We strongly believe that to show Greece at its best, we should start displaying what Greece is well known for around the world – its Art. In our case Contemporary Greek Art. The synergy between our organization, Greek Universities, artists, designers, and craftsmen coming together and displaying their works on an international platform in a city like London, the hope is that this will promote not only the work of Greek artisans but also stimulate and inspire those Greeks considering a career in their rich artistic tradition. I feel that this is an idea that needs to be done, and because no one is doing it at present, I believe GNL should be the driving force to create it! It will be difficult, I know there are challenges ahead but we are going to make it! Well, it's time to launch modern Greek creativity once more as our ancestors did. Greece as a creator of contemporary culture!

 Where is the future of design heading towards?

Design will save us! As a professional design manager and marketing consultant within creative industries, I have no doubts that only through design driven innovations we can find our place in the sun. A radical change to give a new meaning to products and services we want to create in Greece.

 Will there be definitive shift towards more humanitarian values? Absolutely! The raise of CSR or new business models such as the one to one business model are just few examples of how humanitarian values have become part of our 'needs love' campaign. We have simply decided to give our love to Greece! Our love is based on brotherhood, caring, sharing, developing, passion, supporting and comforting.


Why Greece?

I was born in Sicily and ever since I was a child my father took us around to see the island and its monuments; wherever we went here there were Greek temples, theatres, cities with Greek inscriptions on the walls. The archeological museums were full of ancient Greek artifacts. I was so enchanted. I truly felt these were my roots. The fascination continued when I started my classical studies at school and started to visit Greece and making friendship that still last after more than thirty years. To cut it short, I have been travelling a lot in my life and lived almost everywhere, but there is no place that makes me feel more serene or at home like Greece does. It puts a smile on my face a warmth in my heart!


*Luca Leonvago started his career in Milan working in the fashion industry for 5 years, then he moved to England where
he started his academic career.
He has  been teaching for the last 14 years always in universities in UK and New Zealand
at under and postgraduate level. He is member of the interdisciplinary research committee
for the Fashion marketing field at Mansfield College.






most people we cross each day are forgotten instantly.
Sometimes some individuals
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   *dolce vita by RIVA, παραμύθι πολυτέλειας και λεπτού γούστου.

χρώμα και διά8εση σε μια απογειωτική συμμετρία.

* the cubists
έπιπλα με καθαρούς
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στον κυβισμό.


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